Special Education Assistant (Paraprofessional)


About Arcadia: Do you aspire to supervise an assembly line of students as they move in lock-step through the standards?  If so, then this job isn’t for you.  Arcadia is a small, welcoming, progressive, project-focused charter school, serving grades 6-12.  We’re looking for a high school special education paraprofessional who can creatively engage students in the rewarding challenges of understanding the world around them. Arcadia is 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities in Northfield, the winner of a variety of ‘best small town’ awards, with two excellent colleges and a community that embraces quality education. We’re a little geeky, a little quirky, we value authentically student-centered education, and we may be the right place for you.  For more information about our school, see http://arcadiacharterschool.org.


Our mission:  Arcadia’s  mission is to prepare our students to transition intellectually, emotionally, and ethically to higher education and future employment.  We are seeking committed, constructivist educators to join our learning community.


Job Title:   1.0 fte Special Education Paraprofessional

Job Description and Responsibilities

  1. Uphold the Mission and Vision of Arcadia Charter School.
    2. Support students receiving special education services in a least restrictive environment.
    4. Implement daily work assignments from licensed special education staff.
    5. Be a positive role model for learning, social interactions and emotional regulation.
    6. Assist in maintaining school facilities and equipment.
    7. Maintain confidentiality.
  2. Follow schedule set by licensed special education staff.
    9. Report for supervisory duties as assigned by school director.
    10. Report observations regarding student changes to special education team members.
    11. Implement accommodations and modifications as specified on students’ IEPs.
    12. Act as a liaison between general education and special education staff regarding student progress/needs.

Paraprofessional work hours are 8:00am to 3:00pm. Paraprofessionals may have the opportunity for additional hours by attending specified meetings, IEP meetings, and required professional development.

Hourly rate based on experience and qualifications

Please send letter of application, resume, and three references to

Barbara E. Wornson, Ed.D.

Interim Executive Director

Arcadia Charter School

1719 Cannon Road

Northfield, MN 55057

  1. 507-663-8806, ext. 217
  2. 507-663-8802


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