World Language Program

The cognitive and social benefits of language learning are massive, especially in these times of great strife.  There are many studies that say being multilingual can help stave off Alzheimer's, increase problem solving capabilities, etc. Below are some links to good resources about language learning:
American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)
Lead with Languages

Spanish Program

Lori Coleman serves as Advisor to the Middle School Purple Advisory and she teaches Spanish to middle school and high school students.

Introductory Spanish is offered as an elective course for middle school students while high school students have access to a variety of levels and types of Spanish classes.



Japanese Program

Carly Born offers Japanese classes to high school students.

Japanese has been offered at Arcadia since 2018.


Two of the high school students from Japanese 2 took part in the National Japanese Exam in 2022.

Hannah Hulett (a Northfield High School student) got an honorary mention, and Nathan Wolff (an Arcadia junior) received a certificate of participation.