Distance Learning and E-Learning Days

Distance Learning at Arcadia (Starting March 31st)

Quick Start Guide to Distance Learning

4th Quarter Course Outcomes

Arcadia's Student Social Contract and Distance Learning

Students are required to log into their Arcadia email to access Google Classroom and attend their classes through a Google Meet, which has already been set up for every class. Attendance is required at these meetings, as if they were face to face classes at school. To be present, the student clicks on the class Meet link and clicks “Join” so that they appear in the class list. 

If a student is ill and needs to be excused, please contact Kim Hansen, as usual. We will still take attendance through JMC.


Synchronous online classes start at 8:30am, then switch every half hour, on the half hour:

(8:25am HS Advisory Attendance Check)

8:30am First Hour

9:00am Second Hour

9:30am Third Hour 

10:00am Fourth Hour 

10:30am Fifth Hour 

11:00am Sixth Hour


Synchronous classes end at 11:30am, with a break from 11:30am-12:30pm. 


12:30-2:30pm Arcadia staff will be in their online classrooms, available to meet with students 1:1 or in small groups. Students complete coursework, meet (online) in small groups, and complete discussion board work and other academic activities.



E-Learning Days

According to Minnesota Statute 120A.414, “E-Learning Day” refers to a school day where a school offers full access to online instruction provided by students’ individual teachers due to inclement weather.  Schools have the choice to offer up to five e-learning days in one school year.  An e-learning day is counted as a day of instruction and is included in the hours of instruction required under 120A.41. 

The Arcadia e-learning plan:

  1. provides accommodations for students without internet access at home by requiring a due date at least three school days from the first day back at school following the school closure due to weather;
  2. Provides accommodations for students with IEP accommodations so that all children are able to complete assignments independently;
  3. Provides a telephone number and email access to the teacher between the hours of 9:00 am and 4:00 pm every day that school is closed;
  4. Provides assignments on Google Classroom that continue current classroom learning rather than simply providing busy work.

Parents and students will be notified of the e-learning plan prior to the beginning of the school year on an annual basis.  Parents, teachers, and students will be notified by the Arcadia Director at least two hours prior to the normal school start time, that students need to follow the e-learning plan for that day.