School-day schedule

8:02 am-2:42 pm

Wednesday (late start)
9:02 am-2:42 pm


Car drop-off & pick-up

Students traveling by car should arrive between 7:45-8:00 am (8:45-9:00 am on late-start Wednesdays). We ask that drivers take their places in the line running from the front of the school leaving space for the bus when it arrives. We ask for your cooperation and support in order to keep the drop-off line moving and the school-day on schedule.

If you are picking up your child by car after school, please arrive when the school-day ends at 2:42 pm. Our staff is busy before and after this time with preparations, meetings, appointments, etc. and it is difficult to also supervise children. The afternoon procedure is the same as the morning, with vehicles in line for curbside pick-up.

Car parking

If you need to come into the school at drop-off or pick-up time, please park in the rear lot or on the side of the building so children can safely get into the building. If you are coming into school during the day, please park in the front lot.

Bus pick-up & delivery

Bus transportation is provided by Northfield Public Schools to anyone residing in the Northfield School District.

The bus transportation changes each year, and is usually determined shortly before school starts. Families should receive information and schedules in the mail with morning pick-up and afternoon drop-off times at your child’s specific neighborhood stop.

Download 2017-2018 Bus Form


Benjamin Bus, Inc.
32611 Northfield Blvd.
Northfield, MN 55057
(507) 645-5720

Behavior on the bus

In order for the ride on the bus to be both safe and pleasant for everyone (including the bus driver), students are expected to follow the bus company rules and behave with the same consideration for others as we expect at school. This means that students are to remain in their seats except when exiting and entering, that they are not to annoy anyone either physically or verbally, and that they are to keep their voices at a conversational level. It also means that they must respond to the bus driver's directions quickly and cooperatively.

Every year school staff talk with the children about appropriate bus behavior and would appreciate the additional support of parents doing the same. If a child is having difficulty on the bus please inform the school office and we will do what we can to correct the situation. High and consistent expectations on the part of the adults for courteous behavior by the children usually result in a low incidence of problems for our students on the bus.