Arcadia This Week 2/6/2022

Hello, Arcadia families, students, and friends,

Here’s what’s up at Arcadia this week!

Monday, 2/7: Day 2

Tuesday, 2/8: Day 3

Wednesday, 2/9: Day 4

Thursday, 2/10: Day 5 

Friday, 2/11: Day 6 


COVID Update

Rice County’s COVID-19 case rate for the one-week period ending February 1, 2022 is 1,627.55/100,000. A case rate above 100/100,000 in a one-week period indicates a high level of community transmission. 

Here is a link to the CDC explaining more about the transmission levels:

For detailed information about this area, here is a link to the Rice County website:

Here is a link to the CDC’s Guidance for COVID-19 Prevention in K-12 Schools:

Two cases of COVID in the Arcadia community were reported in the last week. As usual, we cannot, for privacy reasons, share details about the people. At this time, they have been told to stay home and away from other people (in isolation) until they are well and can no longer spread the disease.

We have worked to identify close contacts, and if you have not been notified, then your child is not considered a close contact, and there is nothing special you need to do.

You may have seen that most schools in this area are in outbreak status. We have never had five or more active cases at a time, which is why we are not included in that list. Thank you to all Arcadians who continue to wear masks and take precautions to help us mitigate the spread here–it is working! 

If you would like your child tested for COVID, please contact Gail Setterstrom, our school nurse, or Laura Stelter (executive director) to schedule a CUE test. CUE tests are fast and accurate molecular tests. We complete these at school, and students’ results are immediately reported to us through the associated phone app.

We also have the BD Veritor tests, rapid tests that can be completed at home, keeping in mind that these tests require certain types of phones to be able to scan them. Here is a list of the devices that should work with the app and allow you to use the test:

We also have the BinaxNOW tests, which are rapid tests that do not require the use of an electronic device. Please request this if your phone will not work with a BD Veritor test.


Student-Family-Teacher Conferences

Conferences are coming up February 17 and 18! Students, remember, you are also part of the conference, so please come to your conference! To sign up for a conference, please click on the link for your child’s advisor:

Amy Merritt: Amy's Conference Sign Up

Christopher Hunt: Christopher's Conference Sign Up

Lori Coleman: Lori's Conference Sign Up

Angela Heidtke: Angela's Conference Sign Up

Tami Kasch-Flugum: Tami's Conference Sign Up

Scott Grave: Scott's Conference Sign Up

Tammy Prichard: Tammy's Conference Sign Up

If you see a name in the URL that doesn’t match the advisor’s name, please ignore it. Those were auto-created by Sign Up Genius, and they are not necessarily connected to the person for whom the sign up was made!

Arcadia Rubric Feedback

Last year, the school board started thinking about a rubric we could use to answer the question: Are we fulfilling our mission and vision? 

The Arcadia Rubric has been in development since last school year. It still requires feedback and revision, but the District Advisory/Education Committee, the Arcadia School Board, and a few experienced staff members worked through a lot of related materials and created the basic framework.

Here is the website Laura created with materials providing background for the four categories identified in the current rubric: Arcadia Rubric Development Website

We are now ready to start thinking about what goes in the boxes of the rubric. For that, we really need your feedback!

Here is a link to view the initial draft of the rubric: Arcadia Rubric Draft

The question, then, is:

If our mission and vision was fully implemented, what would it look like in each of the four categories named on the rubric? 

Please take a minute to consider what you would like to see included, and fill out this feedback form

The small print list under each table in the current draft of the rubric includes possible indicators from an earlier round of brainstorming. You could reinforce them in your feedback, disagree with them, or add new indicators.

There are still some brainstorming pieces randomly written on the rubric draft (at the bottom), and some things may require more explanation. Please email Laura if you have questions.


Upcoming Events

Feb. 10, 4:00pm-5:00pm: Finance Committee Meeting 

(online:, or dial: ‪(US) +1 575-305-4543‬ PIN: ‪952 009 179‬#)

Feb. 15, 6:30pm-8:30pm: Arcadia School Board Meeting, online, or dial: ‪(US) +1 650-466-6043‬ PIN: ‪232 545 378‬#

Feb. 17: Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences, Asynchronous Learning Day

Feb. 18: Student-Parent-Teacher Conferences, Asynchronous Learning Day

Feb. 21: No School, Staff Development Day

Have a great week!