Thursday, May 30

May Term

Lunch:  Bag Lunch

To Report an Absence – call the front desk at 507-663-8806 x 0, or send an e-mail to   Please contact us when your student will be absent from school, arrive late to school or leave school for an appointment, family event, etc. 

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A message from Sharon Miller, our school nurse: Jennifer has been generous all year bringing in water bottles for our students in the health office.  Recently we have been going through cases of water bottles in a just a couple of days. These water bottles are for students who are feeling sick – not for you to use instead of bringing your own water bottle.  Please bring a water bottle from home each day.  You can refill them in the Great Room if needed.  Thanks!  

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Yearbooks are here!  If you ordered and paid for a yearbook, please stop at the front desk to check in with Tabitha or Kim to pick one up.  If you asked to be on the extra’s list, please bring in $25.00 and pick up an extra yearbook.  Please write your name in your yearbook as soon as you get it!

– – -Students attending the 15 year Arcadia Celebration that want to volunteer to run/lead a carnival game please sign up on the front closet door, or talk to Tami.  
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During May Term attendance is vital…These are very short term courses with much of the day spent participating in experiential learning.Grading and credits earned are directly tied to being present and participating in May Term:

Full Day May Term Attendance (0.50 total credit for a full day class)

  • A student can miss 1 full day of class without reduced credit.
  • Every 4 tardies count as 1 missed day.
  • After 1 missed day:
    • 0.05 credit taken off for each missed day.

Half Day May Term Attendance (0.25 total credit for each half day class)

  • A student can miss 2 full half day May Term classes without reduced credit.
  • Every 4 tardies count as 1 missed day.
  • After 2 missed days:
    • 0.05 credit taken away for every two days missed.

– – –

 Arcadia is having a Party!

 It’s true!  We will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in June!

 If you haven’t heard the news yet on social media (blame Scott) or by word of mouth, here is another attempt to make sure you’re aware that you and your family are invited!  In fact, everyone from alumni, to former staff and students, to anyone who has an Arcadia connection, is welcome to come to celebrate with us Saturday, June 8th from 4:00 to 7:00 at the school.

For Past and Present Students and Families!

Food Trucks!

Games for the Kids! 

Live Music from Alumni! 

See you there!


Friday, June 7 – Last Day of School – Early Release

Friday, June 7 – Senior Graduation 7:00 – 9:00 pm at the Armory Square Event Center

Saturday, June 8 – ARTech/Arcadia 15th Anniversary Gathering at Arcadia – 4:00 – 7:00 pm