Middle School Update October 2017

We are just beyond the mid-quarter, so we wanted to send you an update on middle school core classes.  If you have questions, please email the core class teacher directly.  Here’s what your child is doing in classes:
Language Arts
Taught by: Scott Grave
  • All Grades We are nearing the halfway mark of The Giver.  Just a reminder that weekly chapter comprehension questions and vocabulary assignments are due every Thursday:  Ch. 10-12 due Oct. 12  and  Ch. 13-16 due Oct. 19.
  • Grade 8 has been invited to attend ‘Romeo and Juliet’ at the Guthrie on October 26.  This is a special opportunity for 8th graders to go on this high school field trip.  Permission slips are due as soon as possible.
Taught by: Kate Werner
  • Grade 6 We’re finishing up “Chapter 1: Algebraic Reasoning”.  We’ll have a test on Tuesday, October 10.
  • Grade 7 We are starting in on “Chapter 2: Integers and Exponents”.
  • Grade 8 We are finishing “Chapter 1: Equations” and taking a test on Friday, October 6.
Taught by: Kim McMillian (6th grade) and Tami Kasch-Flugum (7th and 8th grades)
  • Grade 6 We are learning about matter and density. We are also developing science skills like measuring and graphing.
  • Grade 7 Students have just finished presenting their experiments in class on Friday.  Monday we are starting Kingdoms and Classification.
  • Grade 8 We just wrapped up a Scientific Method review and now we are exploring the periodic table.  We will be learning about physical and chemical properties.
Social Studies
Taught by: Jill Luoma-Overstreet (6th grade) and Matt Everhart (7th and 8th grade)
  • Grade 6 The 6th graders are wrapping up their unit on archaeology after having completed an archaeology dig simulation themselves.  They have a test on Friday Oct. 13th on the archaeology terms that they’ve learned, as well as on how to create grid maps for a dig site.  We’re moving into our unit on the Dakota natives of Minnesota.
  • Grade 7 We’ve been learning about the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Students had a Bill of Rights assignment due on Friday 10/5. Thursday students were assigned one Amendment to create an advertisement for. They had Thursday and Friday to work on that in class. It is due on Wednesday 10/11.
  • Grade 8 Students had their Make Their Own Map project due on Wednesday 10/4, which was the culmination of our first unit on map skills and basics of geography. We are starting our North America unit. Students were assigned the Eastern United States on Friday; that assignment is due on Wednesday 10/11.
Visual Art
Taught by: Jill Luoma-Overstreet
  • Grade 6 The 6th graders have just completed their pattern artwork.  Their next art project is DaVinci inspired and they’ll be working on creating their own inventions.
  • Grade 7 The 7th graders are finishing up their stencil art and will have class on Tuesday to finish up their final stencils.  We will be creating our wall murals next week!
  • Grade 8  The 8th graders are wrapping up their board games.  Their last day to work on it in class is Thursday Oct. 12th.  We will be presenting and playing these board games with staff and other students during the next art class (Thursday Nov. 2).