Arcadia Communication Best Practices 

I need to get a hold of someone… What next?

During school hours, and in cases of emergency, please call the school mainline at (507)663-8806.  For all non- emergency needs, please send an email or call the school to leave a message for a return call.  

I need to send an email, but who should I include?

The golden rule to remember is to include you advisory and/or SPED case manager – especially for emails related to any general school or project work needs.  

If your email is directly related to a core or elective class, please email your core class teacher, your student’s advisors and/or SPED case manager.  For each class you have a team of people supporting your student so including them all with your initial email, allows for everyone to have the same information from the start which will inform collaboration and often creates the best solution.

When can I expect for my email to be read?  

As staff we spend our days moving throughout the building from students to class and the availability to check email is limited during school hours. However, we are committed to checking email at least once before and once after school/evening each day to stay informed.   Emails needing a response may not be able to be addressed right away, but know our goal is to respond as quickly as we can.  If you are ever in doubt, please feel free to call the office during school hours and leave a message.  

When can I expect a follow up response?  

To help keep the lines of communication open, you should receive an initial response within 24-48 hours and in most cases this should do the trick for a completed email follow up.  For emails that require more thoughtful attention, or involve multiple staff (ie a core class/advisory combo) - it may take an additional, day or two to fully respond.  

Please note:  Sometimes emails sent may be followed up directly with your student. To help support their education success and our dedication to Arcadia’s mission in preparing students to life beyond Arcadia, this method of response can be common practice.  However, as the parent, if you would like to be included in the follow up, please let us know in your initial email and we are happy to respond accordingly.  

Finally, if for whatever reason you have not received an initial email/phone call response within 72 hours to the original email you sent – simply forward the original email to the recipients a second time while including the director as a cc recipient.   

If you have further questions regarding anything listed above or other general communication practices, please contact the school office or advisory at your convenience.