Green Bean Advisory Update

Hi Green Parents,
We’ve got another busy week with Final Papers due today and Presentations beginning tomorrow!  A BIG shout-out to Brody and Zach for volunteering to present first thing tomorrow morning!
Green Advisory Presentation Schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, Oct 28 – Brody & Zach
Thursday, Oct 29 – Abram, Kit, Madison, Annelise, Rachael, Owen, Coltin
Friday, Oct 30 – Lars, Alden, Mason, Travis, Ryan, Chase
Monday, Nov 2 – Marika, Lilly, Meaghan, Dustin, Kyrie, Kimmie
Tuesday, Nov 3 – Jonah, Sophie, Jade, Hannah, Drew
I have attached the Project Rubrics we use when evaluating student work.  Please reference these for additional info. 


Open House- Tonight, October 27 at 6:30pm.  Although this Open House is intended as an informational opportunity for potential families, we encourage current students to participate in the evening as tour guides and hosts.  Please take a moment to ask your student if they are interested! It is so much more impactful for families to hear about the school from the students themselves.
Student Council is hosting a Halloween Dance this Friday, October 30, 7-10pm  Tickets are available at the front desk for $3.  Tickets will be sold at the door for $5. There will be bumpin’ jams, spooky decorations, treats, and refreshments. Costumes are welcomed but not required.
Costume Day this Friday, October 30 –  For those who would like to wear costumes this Friday, we welcome it!  A few guidelines: Anything worn to school on Friday must be school appropriate. The dress code applies. No masks. No violence. No weapons or toys that look like weapons. No underwear as outerwear (kids get really uncomfortable when I mention that). If what you are wearing is a distraction or a safety hazard to yourself or those around you, you will be asked to change your clothes or modify your outfit to meet school standards.  Again, we welcome costumes in the spirit of fun!
Presentation Night is Friday, Nov 6 at 6:30pm.  This is when students will share their projects in a “science fair” style with the whole Arcadia Community. More on this soon… We hope to see you there!
As always, please feel free to contact me or Bob with any questions or concerns!
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