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Director’s Update

May 7, 2017


Hello, Arcadia Families and Friends, and welcome to spring!! I hope everyone has had a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather this weekend!


I feel apologies are in order for the tardiness of this newsletter; so much is happening, it’s hard to keep up!   We are already starting to wind up our fourth quarter (the last day is Friday, May 19th)!  If you have questions or concerns about grades or progress, now is the time to reach out to teachers and advisors.


By now seniors are completing their senior projects and preparing for senior presentation nights on Tuesday, May 9th and Thursday, May 11th.  You will be receiving the order of presentations in a separate email; they will also be posted on our website and facebook.  We are hoping for a strong audience to celebrate the accomplishments of our seniors, and hope you’ll be sure to come!


Here are some additional dates for our seniors to remember: 


Graduation Rehearsal will be held at 10am on Friday, June 2nd – at the Northfield Ballroom.  This will take about 30-45 minutes; please make arrangement to attend and to let your May Term advisors know that you’ll need to be at rehearsal.


Graduation well be held on Friday, June 2nd at the Northfield Ballroom.  Graduates are to arrive at 6:15 for last minute preparations.  The Graduation Ceremonies will begin at 7:00 pm.  At the ballroom.  There will be plenty of seats for everyone.


The middle school also has its annual Middle School Honoring Ceremony on Thursday, May 18.  The ceremony honors 8th Graders, and Middle School Awards will be presented.  The ceremony begins at 1:00 pm.


Also coming up:

The middle school is hosting a Middle School Only Spring Dance on Friday evening, May 26th, from 6:30 – 9:00 p.m. at Arcadia.  The theme is ‘springtime’.  Tickets are free, but good will donations are always appreciated!  All proceeds will be saved for future middle school social events.


Be Our Guest!

The High School Only Prom will be held at Arcadia on Friday, May 19th from 7:00 – 10:00 p.m.  The theme this year is Beauty and the Beast.  Tickets are on sale now for only $10.00 each and are available for purchase at the Front Desk. Each Arcadia student may bring one guest under the age of 19.  Tickets must be purchased by Tuesday, May 16th. Tickets purchased at the door will be $15.00 apiece, so be sure to buy your ticket tout suite!!!


Other important dates: 

The last day of Homework Help will be this Thursday, May 11th.  Please mark your calendars.


Service Learning Projects

The middle school has been keeping everyone very busy and involved with an array of service learning projects!  You have probably heard about or participated in a few of them.  We have seen bake sales, garage sales, clothing drives, fund-raising for everything from the Owatonna Reptile Zoo to the St Paul NAACP.  It’s been a wonderful opportunity for our middle schoolers to become involved and learn about some very important social causes.


One group has arranged for The Latino Play Festival, a group from Northfield High School, to perform at an all school assembly at 8:15 a.m. on Tuesday, May 9th.  The theme of their performance is, “The American Dream…Does It Still Exist?”  We are looking forward to the performance and the discussions that will follow.


The Greenhouse is in full swing now!  Those of us fortunate enough to have purchased a CSA have received our share of the first harvest of lettuce, and I can tell you it was delicious!  If you are still interested in supporting the Greenhouse project with the purchase of a CSA, please contact science teacher and middle school advisor, Dan Peace.

Please remember that there is school on Friday, May 19th to make up for Snow Days missed.

And of course on Monday, May 22, May Term begins.  Here are the classes being offered from May 22 through June 2:

Full Day Classes: 

Comedy (Bob Gregory-Bjorklund)

Recreational Activities (Scott Grave, Lori Coleman, and Gary Braun)

Southern Minnesota Experiences (Dan Peace and Allie Peterson)


Morning Classes:

Forensic Science (Tami Kasch-Flugum)

I’m Board (Matt Everhart)

Stress Relief (Alison McCusker and Angela Heidtke)

It’s a Mystery (Tammy Prichard)


Afternoon Classes:

Storytelling (Sarah Wallis)

Paper and Yarn Craft (Angela Heitke and Alison McCusker)

I’m Board (Matt Everhart)

Forensic Science (Tami Kasch-Flugum)


Arcadians in the News:

We have several Arcadia students who have participated in some very, very special events since the last newsletter.


Chase Ingraham made the Northfield News on April 29th as a participant in the People’s Climate March in D.C.  Chase joined a group of 20 students from Carleton College, St. Olaf College, and Northfield High School to support efforts to combat climate change.  Thank you, Chase, for representing Arcadia on such an important issue!


Anna Kochevar spent April 25th & 26th in Washington, D.C.  as the 2017 Minnesota State Champion for Poetry Out Loud.  She performed exceedingly well and made it to the finals, competing with only 8 other students!  Congratulations, Anna!!  You have set the bar high for future Arcadia poetry readers! We hope Anna will share her expertise with next year’s participants.

On the evenings of April 27th, 28th, and 29th, Arcadia Arts Coordinator and Advisor Bob Gregoroy-Bjorklund directed a talented group of Arcadia students in a very dense and complex comedy called ‘All in the Timing”.  Congratulations to the cast:  Leander Fried, Olivia Rezac, Lucia Upham, Sage Hodgens, Josh Pumper, Mila Matney, Bella Callery, Katie Fox-Deel, Tessa Riley, Evra Beiser, and Sam Wilmot for a stirring performance.  And an equal part congratulations to the student crew supporting the show, Logan Wells, Alden Cristofaro-Hark, Paul Carrington-May, Alaina Occhiato, Paul Wehling, Mila Matney, Bella Callery, and Marika  Matney for their behind the scenes efforts that made the whole play come together.  I hope you got to see this play; it was another extraordinary achievement by our students and staff.


MCA testing and ACT testing are now just a memory – thank goodness.  For the next two weeks, students in grades 6-11 will be completing NWEA testing, and then we are truly done with state mandated testing until next year.  Thanks to our Data and Assessment Coordinator (DAC) Sarah Wallis for making this complicated project run so smoothly.

I believe that’s all the news for now!  Be sure to enjoy this lovely spring weather with your family and as always, I’ll see you at school!




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