Dan Peace

Born in a VW Bug and raised by chipmunks, Dan successfully navigated his way from Colorado, through Texas to New Orleans where he found himself eating beignets in the French Quarter and shucking oysters for local seafood restaurants.  Getting bored with the easy lifestyle of the South, Dan swam up the Mississippi River to Minnesota to enjoy the company of the relocated Scandinavians and to learn to ice skate.  Photography was his first career where he found fame and fortune amongst the beautiful people of advertising.  But, his life changed again and, after a shower to get the egos off of him, he pursued teaching to be closer to his children and the youth of America.  Finally finding the joy he hasn’t felt since his life with the Rocky Mountain rodents, Dan has worked at Arcadia for the last five years and is planning on spending the next thousand years working with the creative and dynamic students at Arcadia Charter School.

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